Family Law

At Fahri LLP we understand that family situations are complicated and quite often people are reluctant to seek advice on these situations until a problem arises.  In our experience, where advice has been sought at an early stage from an experienced professional, the easier it is to manage any problems that do arise later on down the line.  For example, where an unmarried couple purchase their first property together, we would always advise that the couple (at the very least) take advice about entering into a cohabitation agreement.  It is far easier from the outset for a couple to agree what should happen in the unfortunate event that they should separate and to record that in a cohabitation agreement.  The alternative can be contentious, protracted proceedings where the parties need to forensically examine their respective contributions during the course of the relationship and ultimately a judge may decide what their respective entitlements are.

We are also able to assist those whose relationships have already broken down.  Once again, we would always recommend seeking advice at an early stage about your options and certainly to take advice before taking any action.  For example, whilst it may appear to an individual that they would be best served by moving out of the matrimonial home on separation, quite often this is not the best course of action.  It may be better for the couple to try and regulate their occupation of the property (this can even be recorded in an order if necessary) until the financial situation as a whole is resolved.

We have a wealth of experience on the full range of family issues particularly those concerning:

  • Unmarried couples / Cohabitation
  • Getting married / Entering into a Civil Partnership
  • Pre and post nuptial agreements
  • Harassment / Domestic violence
  • Couples separating
  • Divorce including financial issues
  • Children

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