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Our team of Estate Planning & Wealth Management lawyers advise clients throughout North London on all aspects of Investment & Wealth Management.

North London Estate Planning

It is natural to want your relatives and friends to benefit in full from the assets within your estate. In many cases it is possible to take steps to reduce the potential tax liability on those assets. This is sometimes called ‘Estate Planning,’ and we have experienced practitioners who can assist in this specialist area. Carefully planning the financial affairs of your estate is essential to ensure that you can pass on the maximum benefit to your beneficiaries.  

Fahri LLP embrace all aspects of tax and estate planning; income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax planning whether it be for individuals, business owners or trusts providing modern solutions to our clients’ wealth management needs.

We can provide a full estate planning service by establishing the appropriate structures, including acting as executors and help with the on-going administration of your estate and all tax and accounting.

There are a number of areas that need to be addressed in estate planning:

  • Succession planning – ensuring that your assets pass to your chosen heirs, at the right time, in the right way and with the minimum of taxation.
  • Tax planning – mitigating your exposure to income and capital taxes.
  • Asset protection – implementing strategies designed to protect your assets from external and family risks.
  • Incapacity planning – ensuring that suitable arrangements are in place should there come a day when you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

A vital part of planning for a secure financial future is the creation and ongoing maintenance of the right investment and wealth management strategy. We provide innovative investment solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Fahri LLP are also experts in the field of Inheritance Tax mitigation. We can assess your overall exposure to the tax, taking into account your particular assets and interests and also your succession objectives.

We can also advise you on the ways that you may mitigate any exposure, including:

  • Lifetime giving to reduce the value of an estate.
  • Ensuring and maximising the use of exemptions and reliefs.
  • Making suitable provisions for pension death benefits and life insurance proceeds
  • The tax benefits of certain financial products such as Discounted Gift Trusts and Loan Trusts

Our Wealth Management service ensures regular maintenance and monitoring of your investments which are refreshed and rebalanced on a regular basis. With ongoing portfolio reviews, face to face meetings and access to innovative investment solutions, we ensure that you remain fully informed and in control of your investments.

We can give specialist advice in relation to the use of gifts, the setting up of trusts and the awareness of tax breaks and thresholds, which can assist in avoiding unnecessary taxation, always fully within the law. If you have an accountant, we will also be happy to liaise with them during the course of our work for you.

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